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Despite the facts that: (1) I grew up in the Twin Cities, (2) I attended the University of Minnesota for a few years, and (3) most of my relatives are on at least one U of M junk mail list, I know precious little about the University of Minnesota’s program in Human Sexuality. As a trans woman with a degree in the History of Science, I’m pretty sure there’s room for criticism.


Joycelyn Elders is awesome.

Sexual health education is awesome.

The University of Minnesota’s newly announced Joycelyn Elders Chair in Sexual Health Education is double awesome.

The depressing aspect of this is that this is the first chair of its kind in the United States. I mean, come on guys, there are chairs in everything.

Still, this calls for a party, albeit a somber and self-reflective one. I suggest the snack bar on the ground floor of the Malcolm Moos medical-industrial complex.

Via The Guttmacher Institute


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    It’s times like this I wish my physician grandfather were still alive (he died in 1985). As a longtime advocate of and physician for sexual health and education, not only would he be thrilled there was such as thing as a “sexual health education chair,” he’d also be thrilled that it was named for Joycelyn Elders.

    In fact, I bet he’d tweet this news to everyone in the family. Because my grandfather, if he were alive, would totally be on Twitter.

    (edited for spelling. oops!)

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