About Kate

Me, Rocking a Hello Kitty Band-Aid

Hi, I’m Kate Forbes. I’m a thirty-something woman living in Upstate New York. At various times of the day, I’m a partner, a college professor, a not-so-constant gardener, a mother, a writer, an activist, and a derby girl. If you’ve run across me on the ‘Net, there’s a good chance it was at Shakesville, where I’m a regular contributor. I also maintain Duck! Duck! Gay Duck!, a personal blog.

I’m not planning to post a full biography on this page, but I have written plenty of autobiographical pieces in the past, as I will undoubted do in the future. Some of this writing deals with transsexuality and gender transition, but given the fullness and complexity of my life, that’s hardly the only thing I ever share with readers.

As I go, I’ll try to update the following list of posts about who the hell I am:

Why I won’t get off the internet. A post in which I explain who I am, why I write, and why I started hanging out at Shakesville.

Five years. I wrote this on the fifth anniversary of my legal name change. It examines a lot of the issues I’ve faced during transition. Also, I talk about fish tacos.