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  • Monica Jones

    [Content note: misogynoir, violence] I haven’t said much on Monica Jones, mostly because I don’t have anything new to say. I sure as hell hope the magnitude of the injustice isn’t up for debate. If you haven’t read this post over at Prison Culture, I encourage you to do so.

  • In other news

    Irrespective of the bigoted opinion of Tea Party hardliner progressive darling Elizabeth Warren, a few days ago a federal appeals court ruled that a prison inmate has a constitutional right to sex reassignment surgery: The 90-page ruling was written by U.S. Circuit Judge Ojetta Rogeriee Thompson, an Obama appointee, who asserted the Massachusetts Department of…

  • Decent News

    [Trigger warning for transphobia and prisoner abuse] Back in 2006, the Wisconsin Legislature passed Act 105, the “Inmate Sex Change Prevention Act”. [Good thing we had a Democratic governor at the time. Whoops!] The act banned the state from providing trans* prisoners hormone therapy or surgery. This happened at the exact same time I was…