An Open Venn Diagram to Joss Whedon

[Content note: Transphobia] On Monday afternoon, Joss Whedon responded to a fan’s tweet: Josh Whedon's Tweet [The first tweet to Joss Whedon is: Joss, any advice on writing strong female leads in a comic book?#lovebuffy, to which Whedon responds: Must value #strength but also #community & not have penny/balls] Obviously, the quickest way for me, a trans lady, to get some respect is to be a sarcastic bitch on the Internet. Hence, the following: [Transcript below the fold]

[Me, a skinny white, middle aged lady in glasses and purple owl pajamas onscreen: So I don’ t really do the Internet, but I’m gonna try this um. Um, so I’m gonna make a Venn Diagram today, which is sort of what people do when they wanna understand things but the don’t actually wanna do like a lot of complicated equations and crap like that. Uh, and I want to do it in response to this tweet that Joss, Joss Whedon sent in response to another dude’s tweet. So dude number one is like, “any advice on writing strong female leads in a comic” And, you know, Joss Whedon, ‘cause he’s a dude he knows about these things responds, must value hashtag strength, but also hashtag community, ‘cause that’s how you use hashtags when you’re Joss Whedon and not have [finger quotes] peeny slash balls. Now, I’m not sure what’s up with the peeny, because that, really you’re not saving any characters on there if you’re like on Twitter and all like this. I can think of a lot of words that are [pause] slightly shorter that. But what I’m gonna do is I’m going to start out drawing [shuffles some paper] here on my paper. So, so circle one, that circle is for the ladies. Aaaand, circle two is for the penis. Get my artwork in there. And, I’m going to do another circle for the balls. And it’s actually, I’m I’m kinda cheating. It’s technically one circle that implies two balls. That’s a really gross assumption, but you know, I can get away with that because nobody really cares what happens on the Internet. People say stupid-ass shit [Ouch! So I apologize for my ableism.] all the time. Um, okay! And, so here we are! [Holds up diagram to the screen] So, I can’t see this at all, because I’m pretty much, you know, behind it and so, I’m very bad at this. But, you see here’s the female circle, there’s the ladies. There’s the penis circle, and that’s got the little, uh, heart on it, which is pretty precious, or, you know, the “peeny” circle as you like to say. And then there’s the ball circle and that’s big and black and really impressive and stuff. And, um, so what I wanted to point out is that there’s people are like all over this stuff. Like, I once shared a hospital room with this guy, he’s over here [points to area on the edge of the screen, between the penis and ball circles], I hope he’s doing well, it was like 10 years ago or something, but he had cancer, so, peeny, no balls. So, that happens, and not a lady, um. I’m actually right here in the middle [points to a cartoon of a person in the middle of the diagram], which I know, that’s kinda like one of these like pre-Copernican you know Jesus-y things where you put yourself in the center of the Venn diagram. I’m kinda being an ass about that, but you know, female, penis, heart, balls, all that stuff. And, you’re kinda up here at the top [points to sad face]. And so, this is sort of jerky [points at the word asshole], that’s another subtitle on here. Uh, but you know, I don’t actually know where you technically area. Like, I don’t actually know what you have going on in these two circles [points to balls and penis circles]. I’m not too interested in those two circles. You’re somewhere up here, and you should be working harder to get down into here [points away from the asshole oval] probably. Um, so that’s it! That’s my Venn diagram for the day. Um, I have to feed these animals before they rip my computer into pieces, but good day!]


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  2. You are not only hilarious, you are spot-on.

    Also, ” pre-Copernican you know Jesus-y things” FTW.

  3. ahahahaha you are a treasure! a national treasure!

  4. Well done!

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  6. You have a very enjoyable and unique writing voice. I enjoyed this piece quite a bit.

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