Meet the Clit: Shitty Ass News Department

Every now and then, I get all optimistic about the state of trans people in society. Usually, it’s because I’m not paying attention and/or focusing on a tiny subset of us. To wit:

Back in April, a man shot and killed Brandy Martell (a trans woman of color). I’m not sure how I missed the news, but I’m pretty sure the media largely ignored the story because she was a trans woman of color. (via Julia Serano)

Yesterday, a Brooklyn trans woman died in a suspicious fire, and the New York Times cared just enough to discuss her body and clothing. (via Janet Mock)

Oh! Here’s some political news:

Eric Fehrnstrom is called Mitt Romney’s “most trusted” adviser. Well it seems that Mr. Romney’s most trusted adviser is alleged to have “glee”-fully outed a transgender women, ending her career in politics. This from GQ:

Fehrnstrom saved his cheap shots for smaller-time Massachusetts pols. When a political activist and gadfly … was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives, the fact that she was transgender was an open secret in Boston political circles. But Fehrnstrom was the first one to put that information into print—”I can remember his glee when he found the birth certificate,” says former Herald reporter Robert Connolly—thus bringing a swift end to [her] future on Beacon Hill. [Emphasis, redaction mine]

(via Abby Jensen)



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