Once More With Feeling


Look for more (where more equals some) posts in the coming weeks.

Physically and mentally, I’ve had a rough summer, but I’m finally getting the hang of things.

I’m continuing to write on-and-off at Shakesville. Additionally, I’m working on getting my two personal blogs back together. When I have the energy to write about trans activism, A Cunt of One’s Own is where it’ll happen. I’m also hoping to get semi-regular posts back up at Duck! Duck! Gay Duck! In the past several months, I’ve become very interested in food (I blame the lady hormones), notably the cuisine of my home turf (Wisconsin and Minnesota). Be on the lookout for essays on Jell-O salad and aquavit.

Eight months after leaving my teaching gig at SUNY, I’ve finally taken down my professional materials from kateforbes.net. For those who are interested (and those who are, best at indifference at best indifferent) I’ll be using the site to keep track of my comings and goings.

As far as my fundraising and my body goes, I’m looking for a new strategy. I’m pleased as punch to have raised $2000, but it’s nowhere near what I need to pay my medical bills. I think a long-term approach potentially including an intermediate surgery (a.k.a. an “orchi”) to keep me sane may make sense. In the next few months I’m hoping to set some monthly goals for personal savings and fundraising, where fundraising includes money from writing projects.



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